Find out how an economist won the lottery 14 times!

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Find out how an economist won the lottery 14 times!

Is it possible to win the lottery more than once?


The formula to win the lottery 14 times

An economist found a formula to win the lottery 14 times, which caused him to be investigated by various international agencies. This is his story.

According to mathematicians, you are more likely to be struck by lightning than to win the lottery, but perhaps the problem lies in the fact that most of us rely on chance and do not follow a studied method when placing our bets.

This theory gains strength if we look at the case of Stefan Mandel, a Romanian economist who has managed to win the lottery on a total of 14 occasions, a figure that makes us think that his is more than just luck.

Mandel relied on the lottery to raise enough money to get his family out of his native Romania. He prepared himself by studying theoretical probability writings by mathematician Leonardo Fibonacci, and after years of research created an algorithm for guessing lottery numbers based on a method, he called combinatorial condensation.

The economist claimed that by applying this algorithm he was able to accurately predict five of the six winning numbers, which reduced the number of possible combinations from millions to just thousands.

He teamed up with a group of friends to buy all the possible numbers he had figured out with his formula, won the first prize and got the money he needed to escape Romania.

Four years later, Mandel went to live in Australia and looked into a different type of lottery, which is based on a set of numbers within a range that are randomly selected, and the user who has all the numbers in any order wins. To win this type of lottery, Mandel's formula was as follows:

  1. Calculate the total possible number of combinations.
  3. Find lotteries in which the jackpot is at least three times or more the number of possible combinations.
  5. Raise money from investors to pay for each combination or ticket.
  7. Print millions of tickets with each of the possible combinations (in this type of lotteries in the 80's, participants could print the tickets personally).
  9. Deliver the tickets to authorized lottery dealers.
  11. Win the prize.


Following this system, Mandel and his investors won the lottery 12 times in the UK and Australia. In fact, in the latter country they changed the lottery law several times to prevent a single individual from buying large numbers of tickets.

However, Mandel was not satisfied with this and targeted a greater prize: the state lottery of Virginia (USA), whose accumulated jackpot had reached 27 million dollars.

The economist found investors in the American country and managed to print and process the tickets in authorized lottery shops.

On February 15, 1992, he managed to win the $27 million prize, although on this occasion he did not deliver all the promised money to the investors and relations cooled down.

Furthermore, the whole journey aroused the suspicion of the authorities and he was investigated by 14 international agencies, including the CIA and the FBI. Four years later, he was finally found innocent.

Is there a formula to win the lottery?

We have all dreamed at some point that we win the lottery or that we discover the formula with the algorithm that allows us to accurately predict each result. All over the world there are people who take it a step further and dedicate their lives to study the results of draws such as the National Lottery or another one to find an answer.

However, it is possible that on the internet you will find so-called experts who will want to sell you magical solutions with examples and tutorials. Maybe some of them have been successful but only with specific draws or discovering failure in the system, in any case they are not methods that can be extrapolated universally to all lotteries.

The question is, is it possible to accurately predict the numbers of a draw like the National Lottery? The short answer is no, but the long answer is more complex. Through different mathematical and statistical models, strategies can be designed to help you improve your chances of winning.

How do the National Lottery predictions work?

As we mentioned in the previous section, there are certain techniques designed to increase the effectiveness of your bets. To do so, it is necessary to calculate an algorithm based on the hot and cold numbers of a specific lottery to make predictions that will help you improve your chances of winning every time.

One of the people who has studied the subject the most is the Brazilian mathematician Renalto Gianella who carried out an investigation of the results of more than 20 different lotteries for years. His main conclusion was that for each draw there are numbers that are repeated more or less frequently which would allow predicting the possible winning numbers.

These numbers vary between lotteries because of the particularities of each type of lottery. The mathematician applied a series of complex formulas and equations to determine which are the hot and cold numbers to build an effective strategy.

In short, Gianella discovered the formula to determine the numbers that come out the most (hot) and the least (cold). Although in theory all numbers have the same chance of coming out, in practice there are various technical factors or mechanics of each game that make some have a better chance of coming out. Keep in mind that each draw is different so this type of analysis cannot be extrapolated to other draws.

For example, if you want to know which are the hot and cold numbers of the National Lottery you will have to do the analysis using the data of that specific draw and thus be able to make bets that have a higher probability of winning.

Does it take more than mathematics to generate predictions? Most people's knowledge of mathematics and statistics is very elementary, so making these predictions can be too complicated as it requires knowledge of spreadsheets and complex algebraic skills to be able to calculate which numbers are most likely to win in a given draw.

So even though mathematics has a key place in lottery predictions, it is also true that it is too complex a process for the average person considering that there is no proven method to be able to win the lottery or else they would have already gone bankrupt.

As a curious fact, most of the mathematicians who have claimed to have found the formula to win the lottery have not obtained the same results among themselves. Each researcher has different approaches and particular formulas, so it is not possible to know for sure if these methods work or not.

Also, on the Internet you can find computer programs designed to calculate the hot and cold numbers of each lottery. To do this you need to enter the data of the historical results of the draw, some lotteries have the public data and others only up to a certain date.

The problem with these programs is that they are usually expensive and often represent an investment that is not worth it unless you hit the jackpot. Remember that there is no 100% infallible method to win the lottery.

The program works as follows: first you enter the latest draw results, then the program makes its calculations and groups the numbers into different groups according to their chances of being drawn in the next draw. The efficiency of the program depends on the statistical database of the draw you use, the more updated the better. On the other hand, it is necessary that the program can handle the equations needed to perform the calculations, this way you will find more reliable data.

Tips to win the lottery

The strategies to win the lottery with hot or cold numbers are based on different laws of probability, so it depends on what you prefer. For some, the cold numbers are perfect because the longer they have not come up, the more likely they are to come up on the next one, while the hot numbers are perfect because you can take advantage of the streaks.

Remember that there are no magic methods to predict the numbers and that they are mathematical calculations. The lottery depends a lot on luck and chance. Choose the method you find more fun or let us help you with our predictions.

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